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Annual Enrollment Period: 10/15-12/7 

Things are a little different than normal...

Each year we want to help our clients navigate the potential changes to their prescription drug plans and/or Medicare Advantage Plans. This year we are facing changes from CMS and compliance regulations that hinder us in doing what we want to do. Help you! Our team is here to assist you with this new process and we hope that this will be something that you can appreciate when all is said and done. We are going to help you understand what plan options are best for you by using our on-demand shopping tool. Of course, if you run into any technical issue, please call us. We look forward to helping you take your next step in advocating for yourself. 

Online Medicine Cabinet & Self-Enrollment Options

Please take a moment to create an account and log in! You can create your profile, enter your medications, and look to see what plan will work for you in the upcoming year! New plans will not be released until 10/15- if you log in and create an account prior to that date the only plans reflected will be for this plan year only. Looking at these plans for this year and comparing them against what you have today, will be inaccurate information.


Feel free to log in early, enter your medications, and get a feel for what the online tools feel like. Once you enter your medications, you will be able to sort through the plan options and enroll online. Don't worry, if you run into any issues, you can call us. 

Preparing for your online account set up:

  1. Have a list of your current ongoing medications. You will need the prescription name, dosage, and frequency.

  2. The name of your preferred pharmacy

  3. Have a separate email for you and your spouse (if applicable)


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