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Intentionally different

What started as a personal quest to find cost-effective Medicare coverage has become a mission — to help people across the country get the most out of Medicare and Social Security. And for more than a decade, Transitions Benefit Group has done just that.
What sets us apart is our level of service. When you call us, you’re not calling a call center where you are an anonymous entity. Booking an appointment with a Transitions Advisor is much like a kitchen table conversation that delivers the personalized care you deserve. Our advisors are your advocates. We will listen to you and understand your current situation, and then provide guidance. Our services include helping you navigate the Medicare maze, time your Social Security, get the VA benefits you need, prescription and other support you may need as a home caregiver, and much, much more.

The best part? As your needs change, we'll be right there. Schedule an appointment directly with a specialized advisor today. Call 800-936-1405, email or book online here.
More resources are available — including our expert advisors. Book an appointment today.
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