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Additional Insurance

When you are looking to fill gaps in your coverage or add additional insurance coverage to limit your financial exposure, these are the most popular types of insurance that people look purchase. These benefits will be similar to employer benefits, but you will enroll as an individual or family. Our team here at Transitions will assist you in enrollment or answer any questions you may have. Once you get a feel for what you are looking for, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our advisors. If you know exactly what you want and there is a link for enrollment (not all carriers allow online enrollment) please feel free to enroll, you will receive confirmation emails throughout the enrollment process. If for some reason, you do not receive an email after enrolling, please call our office at 800-936-1405.

As you determine the types of insurance you need, it is important to understand the "why" you need them. Not all insurance options, make sense for all people. 


Look at your or your families needs:

  • Do you have dental issues that you will need coverage on in the future?

  • Do you need to cover bills or expenses if you pass away?

  • Do you have a high deductible that you have to pay if you go to the ER?

  • Are you wanting to add coverage to protect your children if they fall?

  • What is your family history for long term illnesses or need for prolonged care?

These are a few things to consider when determining the types of financial protection you are looking to purchase. 

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