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Health Insurance 101

The Types of Insurance Programs

Private Insurance

Private insurance refers to insurance plans that are offered explicitly by private insurance companies, making them independent of government-sponsored programs. Currently, more than half of the population uses private insurance through their employer or purchase it directly from the insurer.

Social Insurance

Social insurance is a government-sponsored program that is funded by the taxes or premiums paid by participants. Some popular programs are Social Security, Medicare, and state-sponsored unemployment insurance. It intends to serve as public insurance that provides people protection against economic risks that typically come with unexpected medical costs


Welfare insurance is typically referred to as Medicaid, which is a government-sponsored system that helps cover citizens based on their medical and insurance needs. Medicaid usually covers low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities. Services are designed to offer specific benefits like nursing home care.

Dental & Vision Insurance
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