General Medicare & Retiree Benefits FAQ

Question: Should I speak with a Transitions RBG adviser if I am Medicare eligible, even if I currently have employer coverage?

Answer: Yes, Urgently. When you become Medicare eligible, your options need to be properly assessed to ensure you are making properly informed decisions for healthcare. Our advisers are not sales people, but act as your advocate to determine which path may be best for your personal situation.

Question: Are there any solutions you recommend that can protect me against market volatility and loss?

Answer: The stock market is a precarious place for individuals nearing retirement age and your assets should be protected. Transitions RBG works with the highest rated companies in the country to offer Fixed Index Annuity solutions for risk free wealth generation over time and guaranteed income in retirement.

Question: Is Long Term Care Insurance a good investment?

Answer: Studies show that over 70% of Americans will require some sort of Long Term Care in their lifetime. The cost of this care can eclipse $85,000 annually with the average time frame spent in long term care spanning three years. A $265,000 hit to your retirement funds can drive a catastrophic blow to your quality of life. Our advisers can discuss how LTCi can help protect your retirement and model several scenarios with the nations best products and carriers.

Question: When I leave my employer, will I keep my current ancillary benefits, such as life insurance?

Answer: Most employer benefits are purchased on a group chassis, meaning that they are not portable for an individual. Life insurance and LTCi are those most often affected by a change in employment, or move to retirement. Individuals of every age should contemplate purchasing an individual life insurance policy that stays with them until it's needed. We can help!

Question: Do you have any options for Telemedicine, prescription discounts, Legal Advice, or Pet Insurance?

Answer: Our partnership with healthPERX delivers several packages that can enhance your overall experience with healthcare and beyond. This includes, Telemedicine, prescription discounts, Pet Insurance, Legal Advice, Tax Advice, and more starting at just $4.95/mo. Have a look at the discounted packages offered to our clients here:

Question: I will become Social Security eligible at 62, should I apply for my benefit now, or wait?

Answer: Every situation is unique and our advisers can help you determine the possible outcomes related to taking social security benefits at 62, 66, or 70 to ensure you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.